Wood Frames

three wooden screen frames
  • Made with 100% straight-grain, kiln-dried Douglas Fir, for long life and durability without waterproofing
  • Unique double mortise & tenon corner joints to virtually eliminate bowing and warping
  • Double glued and stapled frame corners, for strength
  • Frames are assembled under pressure, for best fit
  • Exposed edges are sanded, for comfortable handling

Aluminum Frames

stack of aluminum frames
  • Made with aircraft grade rectangular tubing
  • Profile is calibrated to screen dimensions, for economy and strength
  • Heavy wall .125” thickness
    • Increases life expectancy, for re-stretches
    • Provides rigidity and avoids deflection [hour-glassing]
  • Only full penetration welds are used for maximum strength
  • Exposed edges are sanded
  • Mesh side is texturized, for most durable bond with mesh


rolls of industrial mesh
  • Only top quality national brand mesh always in stock
  • Tensioned to appropriate Newtons for various mesh counts - per mesh manufacturer’s specifications
  • Bonded to frame with superior 2-part friction glue, never stapled
  • Mesh and frames must pass a 5 point quality control inspection


Palet os screens for restretch

When the inevitable happens – and sooner or later it does for every frame – we are here to respond.

  • Aluminum or wood
  • Frames we manufactured or your existing frames
  • The same professional materials and workmanship we use with new frames.

We partner with your team to assure the longest use-life possible, even if it means less billable work for us. We want you to be pleased and spread the good word!

  • T-shirts
  • Uniforms
  • Sports Wearables
  • Textiles
  • Political Signs
  • Outdoor Signage to 12 foot and up
  • Transportation Signage
  • DOT Signage
  • Point of Sale
  • Pens
  • Mugs
  • Promotional Products
  • Aircraft Part Imprints
  • 4-Color Process Printing
  • UV Printing
  • Cylinder Imprinting
  • Transfer Prints
  • Bottle Imprints
  • Glitter Ink Open Mesh
  • Vinyl and Bumper Stickers
  • Flatware
  • Real Estate Signage
  • Yard Signs
  • Tote Bags

Purchase Terms

We accept all major credit cards. Orders are COD until terms are established. We offer Net 30 Terms upon completion and approval of our Credit Application. Please contact us to set up an account.


We work with UPS, FedEx and most nationally recognized freight lines. Shipping can be billed to your shipper number, or call to arrange prepay and add shipping.


  • New Wood Frames in 3 business days
  • New Aluminum Frames in 4 business days
  • Re-stretched Frames in 3 business days from receipt of frames

Time might vary, based on volume, and does not include transportation time. We go to extremes to expedite valid scheduling needs! We’ve even rescheduled fishing trips to meet emergency needs! (Only dire emergencies need apply!)

Please call us at 407.831.1550 or toll free 800.699.1550 to discuss a time-sensitive schedules.